Make Data Centre of Your Digital Action

What Have Data Centres To Do with Digital Advertising? 

Answer: (Almost) Everything!

Yup, it’s official. The market has generally accepted the new rules of the advertising game.

Digital advertising has become just as if not surpassed the importance of traditional advertising, giving local businesses more control than ever before in their entire histories – over their advertising reach.

The digital revolution has significantly changed the way in which people consume media, TV, radio, and print but most of all reinforces that digital has become a major part of many people’s daily lives.

People share content and ads in a way they could not in the past. Trends like social media bring about monumental opportunities for digital advertising, while low-cost online executions that have taken on lives of their own on the Internet. Viral marketing, word-of-mouth and social media has added a new layer of complexity when considering when, how and even if you should approach a targeted audience.

The Local Digital Scene

The interactive elements of digital advertising mean that it is possible to engage the audience in more ways than one. The sophistication of the local digital scene defines the way in which consumer and brand interact.

A loyal consumer becomes an unofficial ambassador, spreading the word digitally through a blog post, status update on Facebook, a tweet -all with a link to the product or service. This multiplies the value of a digital advertisement and bringing the business closer to consumers than ever before.

A key aspect to derive from this process is that digital advertising gives businesses a chance to customise the user experience and optimize on the two-way nature of the online world. Unlike the linear nature of television or the static medium o print, digital provides multiple platforms to a message.

Know Thy Data Center

Whilst local businesses increasingly think of the digital space (aka Internet) as a place to build their brands, they need greater confidence that their online investments are taken care of.

This is where Data Centres come in as the ˜backbone’ to enable digital advertising. There are many advantages of digital advertising and the bulk of itdepends on a robust data centre with the capacity and capabilities to not only attain reach, but to store and process data which is then used for web demographics targeting and analytics to reach a specific targeted audience.

Digital advertising is really about having the power to capture, store, process, deliver and analyse data in a secure and efficient manner. Only with these basic fundamentals covered, can any brand or entity move to the next step of marketing to the targeted demographics via digital advertising.

What businesses should NOT take for granted about the interaction between business and consumer is that it requires a dependable and scalable environment for the interaction to take place. Local businesses yearn to grow bigger and faster, yet should not forget the minute details that could cost them the entire digital advertising campaign, such as an hour of bad connectivity at a peak campaign season!

Through a data centre which practices good system fail over and power redundancy, 24-hour technical support and high security – the surge of traffic when a digital advertising campaign goes viral on multi-channel platforms is nothing a business can’t handle.

The Data Protector

During a digital campaign, the statistics acquired and stored are of infinite value. Information and data on the age, likes and dislikes, and even location of a consumer could prove to be useful in the next campaign.

This data needs to be stored in a location where it is safe, orderly and easily-accessible – which means a data centre where a business may store their data and has anuninterrupted connectivity to it, an orderly system to diagnose and fix glitches immediately and tight security when it comes to access to data.

Whilst the digital advertising revolution continues to make waves from the local to the international front – businesses should not only focus on content and creativity to nurture success, but to also bear in mind that the system all the processes are running on will not fail before, during and after a campaign.

With these eventualities covered, no doubt that digital advertising will be evident for your business.

~ Article published in Advertising + Marketing Malaysia, June 2012

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