Elevate your business with AIMS Managed Services- a powerful solution to business transformation!

At AIMS, we understand that doing more with less is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a critical component to your organisation’s success.

AIMS Managed Services helps you save time and money by offloading critical, time consuming IT services and freeing up your valuable resources enabling them to add value to your most important task at hand – your business.

AIMS Managed Services is a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT services that meet your organisation’s evolving IT needs, while helping you strategically leverage new technologies for a peer-beating edge.

AIMS Managed Services portfolio:

  • Managed Cloud
    AIMS Managed Cloud allows you to tap the power of cloud computing, minus the pain of becoming an expert in everything. We not only manage your computing, storage, networks, security and operating systems, but also the complex tools and application stacks that run on top of that infrastructure. Our cloud services allow you to accelerate time to deployment, increased availability, superior system performance, at vastly reduced business risk.
  • Managed Content Delivery Network
    Content is a key business driver. Using it effectively means delivering it when and how end-users want it. AIMS Content Delivery Network speeds up the delivery of content, applications and rich media to your customers anytime, anywhere and across any device, allowing for better end-user engagement and a sturdier online presence.
  • Managed Connectivity
    Whatever the size or complexity of your network, delegate day-to-day operation, administration and maintenance to us.
    AIMS Managed Connectivity proactively manages your network environment and connectivity, including network administration, monitoring, reporting and support of your mission-critical network resources.
  • Managed Monitoring
    AIMS Managed Monitoring monitors and manages the health of your server, storage and network infrastructure, including service interruptions, performance and capacity management 24×7. Plus, our dedicated experts are always available to ensure your IT assets are operating at optimal performance levels.
  • Managed Infrastructure
    AIMS Managed Infrastructure frees you from the demands of managing your infrastructure while ensuring your data and services availability never skips a beat.
    Co-locate in our highly resilient data centres for your mission-critical applications, and you’ll benefit from round-the-clock support, robust security, and easy access to the latest technologies, while scaling up when the need arises.
  • Managed Security
    Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. AIMS Managed Security offers industry-leading technologies and expertise to secure your organization’s information assets 24 x 7 and maintain continuous availability and protect from latest cyber security threats.
  • Managed Backup
    AIMS Managed Back-up provides secure and scalable back-up-and-recovery solutions for your critical data. Our Managed Back-up gives you the benefit of fast back-up, tiered storage, maximum data protection and rapid restoration of your applications, databases and operating systems.


Why AIMS Managed Services?

Regulate IT and labour costs

Your perennial IT expenses are converted to variable costs, allowing you to spend only on services that you currently need.


Tap our trained and qualified Service Operations Centre (SOC) Engineers to take care of your IT system.

Future proof services, using best-of-breed technology

Tap our expertise for latest technologies that may have otherwise been unknown to you.


Improve Efficiency

With technical duties removed from your plate, shift your full attention on more deserving matters- like running your business.

Highly resilient, secure infrastructure

Sensitive data, equipment and other technical valuables are in good hands, as our data centres are industry certified and highly secured with multi-layered security controls.

Scalable & Customisable

Our customised solutions help manage the complexities of your day-to-day IT operations, allowing you to focus on your No.1 priority: growing your business.