“Goodbye Lost Files, Hello Peace of Mind”

AIMS Managed Backup provides secure, scalable and cost-efficient backup-and-recovery solutions that safeguard your critical data, ensuring the long-term success and staying power of your business.

Our services include tiered storage, maximum data protection and rapid restoration of your applications, databases and operating systems.

We proactively maintain copies of all your mission-critical files in multiple, 100% secure locations, while scheduling, managing and archiving your files, freeing up valuable resources for the files and data that you’re currently working on.

With AIMS Managed Back-up, marshal your resources entirely to growing your business, safe in the knowledge that your mission-critical data will not be lost.


AIMS Managed Backup services include:

Optimal Backup Configuration – optimise your hardware, storage and file-recovery options, minimising any disruption to the day-to-day running of your systems.

Ongoing Support and Checking – professional handling of all your high-priority recovery requests, our automated monitoring systems operate 24×7, raising alerts if your backup encounters problems, while our IT experts constantly check and respond to any alerts before something goes wrong.

Hardware Scalability – we monitor the routine operation of your back-ups, alerting you of any storage or network issues while advising on your network expansion options as your business needs grow.

On-premise, Hybrid or Cloud – choose from a mix of local backup devices and backup services hosted in AIMS Cloud that range from fast file recovery to a remote disaster recovery in new premises.

High Speed Backup Bandwidth – we provide 100Mbps of dedicated high speed Internet for data backup to our centralised backup vault.