Evolve or Perish: the Cloud is Here to Stay

Businesses are evolving.

High data growth, steep energy costs, IT budget cuts and the ever-increasing expectation to align business and IT are the new order of the day.

Now more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and performance whilst mitigating risk and increasing operational efficiency.

AIMS Cloud offers your business sought-after agility, flexibility, economies of scale and expertise while allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our products include:


AIMS Alto is perfect for large, enterprise-level cloud hosting.

With built-in high speed infrastructure redundancies and the flexibility to scale up as necessary, Alto offers a full high-availability environment with customised application templates and instant deployment of virtual machines.


AIMS Cirrus

AIMS Cirrus is designed for complex hosting infrastructure that is accompanied by mission-critical high-performance requirements, enhanced security compliance and Business Continuity Management.


AIMS Alto & Cirrus Features:

Alto Cirrus
Full High Availability Environment
Secured Multi-Tenant platform with dedicated resources
Virtual Machine (VM) Cloning
Pay per Use Model
Extensive Reporting
Virtual Machine (VM) Auto Scaling
Hybrid Computing
Built-in Firewall
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


AIMS Virtual Private Cloud

AIMS Virtual Private Cloud is a secured multi-tenant private cloud solution customisable for various industries. Delivered via secure connectivity such as SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) or IP SEC VPN, AIMS Virtual Private Cloud ensures security from enterprise network to IT infrastructure, running in secured virtual environment.


Why AIMS Cloud?

Cost Effective

  • Zero Capital – we provide and manage the hardware while you focus 100% on your business
  • Massive Savings – 80% cheaper compared with in-house maintenance

Totally Connected

  • Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps for amazing efficiency and collaboration

Flexible – Just Like Gymnasts!

  • Fully Customisable – meets all business needs, big or small
  • Fully Scalable – for applications, resources and services, at any time


  • Uptime, Always – 99.9% service level availability
  • Technical problems resolved 4x faster than the industry average

Industry Certified

  • 100% secure – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 2000 and PCI DSS-certified

Always Protected

  • Data sovereignty & residency compliant – central document storage means better visibility and improved collaboration
  • 24/7 Support – complete equipment safeguard and maintenance and 24/7/365 expert technical support
  • Added Cover – additional security according to your specific business needs

100% Dedicated

  • Choice of secure Multi- or Single-Tenant platform – all with 100% dedicated resources


  • 30% less energy consumption