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We forge strategic alliances among our industry associates and peers to address the needs and challenges of the future.

In order to enhance our services and offerings for customers, AIMS has entered into strategic partnerships with illustrious local and regional outfits. Each partnership opens up new possibilities for us and adds value to our repertoire, giving customers more variety and versatility in their data centre and IT solutions.

Meet Our Partners

Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX)

Launched on 15 Dec 2006, the Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) is a neutral Internet exchange that allows local Internet service providers and content providers to connect and exchange local Internet traffic without having to pass through international gateways. Doing so enables MyIX to improve latency between peering operators, resulting in better broadband service with more efficient data traffic handling.

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Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA)

Established in 2008, the Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA) aims to synergise local excellence and regional presence among members to provide a one-stop, comprehensive suite of business and technology offerings to first-tier telecommunications companies, government agencies, banks and other businesses.

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Internet Alliance (IA)

An association for all Internet service providers, the Internet Alliance (IA) is a non-profit organisation formed to represent the Internet industry by providing information and services on certain key areas. These include seeking assistance from the government, defining the legal framework to protect industry players, expanding Malaysia's market, providing website education and Internet usage.

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Malaysian Data Center Alliance (MDCA)

A special focus group within Outsourcing Malaysia, the Malaysian Data Center Alliance (MDCA) is a professional, sustainable alliance that provides its members with a platform to contribute towards establishing best practices, education, industry leadership and technical standards adhered to by the data centre industry. It also acts as the Malaysian voice in the forward development of data centres.

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