The AKAMAI Ecosystem

Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure. These comprehensive solutions are built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM, managed through the unified, customisable Luna Control Centre for visibility and control, and supported by Professional Services experts who get you up and running easily, inspiring innovation as your strategies evolve.

AKAMAI Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA)

Network optimisation to deliver rich, dynamically generated content

Dynamic Site Accelerator enables globally consistent web performance up to five times faster than your original web infrastructure, easily handling the specific requirements of dynamically generated content and freeing you to pursue innovative new ways of connecting with users around the world. It accelerates highly interactive websites and provides visibility and intelligence on usage, visitors and online activity, leveraging the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM to help you deliver dynamic, interactive content at scale.


Dynamic Site Accelerator gives you performance up to five times faster than your original web infrastructure and handles the specific requirements of dynamically generated content – without a costly hardware build-out. It speeds up and secures highly interactive websites and provides visibility and intelligence on usage, visitors and online activity. Built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM, it helps you scale up immediately and easily to meet sudden needs like holiday shopping or ash sales.How it Works

The Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM pulls and caches fresh content continuously onto servers that are close to the end user. Dynamic mapping directs user requests for application content to an optimal Akamai edge server, depending on their location and transaction type. Route optimisation identifies the fastest, most reliable path back to your data centre to retrieve dynamic/interactive content.

Several techniques optimise communications between the Akamai server and your origin infrastructure to deliver dynamic content to the user over optimised connections that avoid Internet problem spots. To ensure security, content protected by access controls can be delivered rapidly from Akamai’s servers. Information that is protected by the SSL/TLS protocol is delivered securely using the PCI Level 1 compliant Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM.


What’s Included

Dynamic Site Accelerator feature highlights include:

  • Capacity on Demand
  • Content Caching
  • Compression
  • Cache Optimisation
  • Route Optimisation
  • Connection Optimisation
  • Pre-Fetching
  • Content Availability
  • Site Security
  • Performance and Availability Service Level Agreement
  • Site and Visitor Intelligence



  • Deliver faster site performance for highly interactive content with Akamai’s proven technologies
  • Scale capacity on demand to meet peak traffic with the power and scale of Akamai’s global Platform
  • Deliver SSL-protected content and mitigate Internet security risks
  • Gain insight and enable strategic business decisions through site and visitor intelligence reports
  • Reduce IT investment and operating cost by leveraging Akamai’s infrastructure to accelerate your site



High-performance web and mobile experiences, optimised for any device, network and browser – regardless of the connectivity situation.


Ion is designed to meet the new challenges of always-connected audiences while meeting today’s delivery standards of highly available, secure and scalable experiences. Built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM, Ion delivers fast mobile performance, intelligently optimises content for all types of browsers, and helps improve operational simplicity


Akamai Ion is the first and only situational web performance solution – a tightly integrated suite of scale, performance, and intelligence technologies required for optimising real-time web experience based on end users’ situations across devices, locations, browsers and networks.

For best-in-class web performance, Ion’s intelligent, layered approach to scale, performance and intelligence is tailored to the end user’s situation – backed by Akamai’s industry leading web performance and availability Service Level Agreement.


Ion enables organisations to offload expensive web infrastructure, including bandwidth, computers and storage, while providing web and mobile application availability and scalability.

  • Caching: Ion continuously pulls and caches fresh content on to servers that are closest to end-users. Of the world’s Internet users, 90% are within a single “network hop” of an Akamai server.
  • Advanced Offload: Ion enables more granular and intelligent caching of dynamic and personalised content based on user segmentation. By conditionally caching these objects, Advanced Offload can improve performance and significantly reduce infrastructure spend.
  • Site Failover: Ion helps web and mobile application availability with comprehensive failover capabilities where Akamai monitors the availability of your origin infrastructure and reroutes requests when the origin is not available


Ion offers a fully automated solution for situational web performance which enables organisations to deliver faster web application responses and anticipate requests in fewer round-trips and bytes, all while improving the performance audiences experience.

Ion applies optimisation adaptively based on sophisticated analysis of the web application as well as real-time conditions specific to the end user’s environment, such as browser, device, network speed and presence of third-party services.

Key capabilities include:

  • Fast DNS: Akamai Fast DNS leverages a globally distributed and highly scalable Anycast DNS network to act as either Primary or Secondary DNS. Fast DNS support zone apex records thus eliminating costly redirects that reduce page load times.
  • Enhanced Akamai Protocol: Ion provides significant enhancements to increase efficiencies at the TCP layer when networks are congested. With Enhanced Akamai Protocol, customers can take advantage of the most aggressive mapping and network protocol optimisations Akamai has to offer, helping further improve performance.
  • SureRoute: Akamai route optimization – known as SureRoute – can identify the fastest, most reliable path to your origin to retrieve and deliver dynamic/interactive content. Inside, the Akamai network proprietary techniques are used to accelerate content delivery and avoid Internet congestion points and unnecessarily long routes.
  • Page Prefetching: Page Prefetching retrieves the pages most likely to be requested to the Akamai Edge before the user selects them for viewing.
  • Adaptive Image Compression: Adaptive Image Compression is designed to vary the level of compression for JPEG images based on real-time network conditions, meaning pages load faster and more consistently – even when network conditions are poor.
  • Adaptive Consolidation: Ion uses Adaptive Consolidation to fetch multiple les with one request but cache each resource separately in the browser, thus avoiding redundant downloads.
  • On-demand Image Loading: On-demand Image Loading will cause a page to only load the images that are visible within the current browser view, or “viewport”. As the user scrolls down, new images are loaded on demand.
  • Browser-specific Image Optimizations: New browser-specific image formats such as Google’s WebP, Microsoft’s JPEGXR and JPEG2000 allow the same quality of experience to be delivered in a reduced payload size compared to standard JPEG. Ion dynamically identifies situations where JPEG images can be replaced by browser-specific image formats, resulting in fewer bytes used to deliver a better web experience.
  • EdgeStart: EdgeStart is a powerful optimisation that reduces the time to deliver the first part of the HTML response, allowing the browser to download important resources such as JS, CSS and some images earlier to enhance user experience.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and CSS: Asynchronous JavaScript and CSS modifies the way scripts and style sheets are embedded into the page, making the browser process scripts, style sheets and other resources in parallel.
  • File Versioning for Browser Cache Extension: Many sites only cache content for a few hours due to concerns about old content used from the browser cache when new content is available. This practice all but eliminates the enormous performance benefit of caching for end users returning to a site later – a very common occurrence. Ion uses a technique called File Versioning to solve this problem, by giving each le a unique name. If a resource changes, the old le will be not be referenced anymore, and so all content can be cached in the browser cache indefinitely
  • Domain sharding: Browsers impose limits on the number of parallel connections per hostnames. Although modern browsers limits tend to be adequately high, older browsers can be restrictive. This leads to artificial dependencies as the browser waits for otherwise independent objects to be fully delivered before proceeding with additional requests. Domain sharding gets around this limit by distributing requests over multiple subdomains, ensuring that the browser does not hit the limit of parallel requests per hostname.
  • Minification: HTML, JavaScript and CSS les contain comments and whitespace that, while useful to developers, are not needed for the page’s operation. Minification is the process of removing such components and reducing the total download size. Ion automatically minifies all page resources, reducing the size of pages without modifying their functionality.
  • Inline small objects: Inlining is the technique of embedding small external images and scripts directly into the page or resources that reference them. The overall page load time decreases with the reduced HTTP overhead, and the inlined resources are processed faster. Ion automatically embeds resources into pages and CSS les based on their size and other considerations.



Ion provides unprecedented insight into the web experiences of your actual customers while empowering the Akamai edge or your origin infrastructure to make decisions based on that intelligence. Key capabilities include

  • Real User Monitoring: Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides key insight into individual end user experiences by monitoring web pages and collecting performance data from real end users based on various factors such as browser type, geography, OS or protocol (including IPv6). RUM can be used both before and after Ion is activated
  • Mobile Detection and Redirect: Using a constantly updated user agent database hosted on the Akamai Edge, incoming HTTP requests are evaluated and, optionally, device characteristics are discerned. Redirection responses can then be issued from the Akamai Edge close to the end user, to the appropriate mobile site for smartphones, feature phones, and tablets, dramatically improving response times.
  • Device Characterisation: This allows companies to make real-time decisions regarding key capabilities of a particular device requesting a page, in order to make key decisions regarding the specific web experience delivered to a site visitor.
    Using information derived from the browser’s user-agent, the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM is able to decipher many characteristics of the requesting device – such as screen size, GPS for location-based services, Javascript support, and many more. These characteristics are then made available as part of the HTTP request header, allowing companies to make intelligent decisions regarding how to respond to a particular request.



Better business results through fast, secure and scalable web experiences

  • Deliver rich, engaging web experiences that exceed user expectations for speed and availability across devices, networks, browsers and locations
  • Increase conversions and engagement while reducing abandonment across mobile and desktop web experiences
  • Increase transactions and engagement through uninterrupted availability
  • Achieve application scalability and performance under peak traffic conditions
  • Reduced complexity of delivery web experiences
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of developing, delivering and optimising rich, engaging experiences to any device, on any network, anywhere
  • Gain key insights into how your audiences connect and engage with your brand across devices, browsers, networks and geographies
  • Gain greater agility with self-service configuration and intelligence
  • Reduced cost of operations and infrastructure
  • Reduce operational cost and maximise network infrastructure offload and web application availability by leveraging the scalability and security of the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM
  • Focus development efforts on business requirements and competencies, rather than on optimisation overheads
  • Deliver quality web experiences across all geographies without infrastructure build-out