“Faster Content. Better Engagement. Happy Users”

Content is a key business driver.

AIMS Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up the delivery of content, applications and rich media to your customers anytime, anywhere and across all devices.

The result: better end-user engagement and experience – with a sturdier online configuration.

AIMS CDN utilises the latest hardware, web server technology, and network routing to deliver a next-generation CDN that is easy to set up, exceeds expectations, while costing far less than you think.

Our CDN services fast-track your content across thousands of servers worldwide to customers far beyond your domain – when and how they want it, at whatever time and via multiple devices — giving you a direct revenue boost and superior client satisfaction.

Our cutting-edge storage and caching infrastructure also enhances website speed and stability, allowing you to get the most of new, global opportunities within milliseconds.

Whether you need to improve website performance, accelerate applications, or stream live video we have the content delivery capability you need.






AIMS CDN services include:-

Website acceleration – where we boost the performance of your web servers to handle more client requests without the need for additional hardware.

Live streaming acceleration of online video to give end-users a high-quality, uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience.

File download optimisation solutions that compress and optimise files of various types or sizes to cut content weight and boost page load speed.

Video on demand – giving viewers immediate access to content on multiple devices upon request.




No Buffering

Websites are accelerated and optimised, yielding seamless and efficient online transactions.

Cost Savings

A lower cost of delivery minimises capital investment and staffing.


Scales easily to cope with a large audience or peak loads.

Easy to Use Portal

Provides robust analytics and sophisticated reporting tools for smarter user engagement.

Always Up

With built-in redundancy and AIMS’ strong network infrastructure here and internationally, your content is always available to your end-users.