Cross Connect Services

Cross-Connect Services

Making the right business connections helps you cut costs, saves time, improves flexibility and simplifies your operations.

When you co-locate with AIMS, our Cross-Connect Services link you to our dynamic ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks, domestic and international carriers and Internet service providers.

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What We Offer

MRC Cross-Connect Services

Structured cabling inter-connection from the data centre to the termination points outside such as manhole, rooftop, office floors and outside building.

Service features:
- Copper MRC cross-connect services
- Coaxial MRC cross-connect services
- Fibre Port MRC cross-connect services

OTC Cross-Connect Services

Rack-to-rack structured cabling inter-connection within the data centre with infrastructure such as overhead fibre runners and cable trays/baskets for optimum performance and management.

Service is charged on a per cross-connect basis and cannot be re-diverted to other new cross-connect points.

Service features:
- Copper OTC cross-connect services
- Coaxial OTC cross-connect services
- Fibre OTC cross-connect services

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