“Being Prepared Always Pays Off”

At AIMS, we offer an environment of failsafe resilience to help keep your key services available if and when any incident, natural or otherwise, threatens to disrupt your business.

By adopting a holistic strategy that encompasses highly trained engineers, tried-and-tested processes, policies, and technologies, we ensure that your business continues, come what may.

We will assist you in all facets of the planning process.

From reviewing your operating environment and suggesting a mix of resiliency tools to help you achieve your recovery targets, to a full systems restoration, ours is an end-to-end solution that suits every need and budget.

Our product suites run the entire gamut.

From failover services when catastrophes occur to professional replication and hosting of physical and virtual servers, the AIMS proposition is a holistic paradigm of business resiliency.

By calling on decades of best-practices and expertise, our data protection, environment and infrastructure recovery tools offer a flexibility and operational scalability that applies to all systems, whether complex, hybrid or basic.


We offer a complete range of recovery time and recovery point objectives, including:

Recovery Consultancy and Planning Services – minimising the impact of the loss of your virtual business functions due to a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Seat/Workspace – a secure and comfortable work environment that allows you to relocate key personnel to alternative locations during a disaster or disruption so that business carries on as usual.

Disaster Recovery Management – where previously mapped-out processes like Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Business Impact Analysis, Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objectives are set in motion when disaster strikes.

CloudbyAIMS – a cloud-based recovery site that can be deployed if the primary data centre is incapacitated.

Premier Office – a dedicated office space with built-in multiple security access points and customised sizes to suit all customer needs.