Achieving Business Continuity and Resiliency With a Formidable Disaster Recovery Strategy

Disruption is as common to the business environment as uneven demand cycles. Most businesses are prepared for both, although not in equal measure. Adopting a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery (DR) is key to ensuring swift and seamless restoration of business operations in the face of a disaster. Here’s everything you need to make your business more predictable, reduce downtime, and ensure your business continuity.


of global IT DR decision-makers say loss of revenue was the biggest price they had to pay as a result of a significant disruption.


of enterprises say their DR plans are either siloed or non-existent, demonstrating low levels of DR maturity.

Downtime Cost Calculator

Downtime = lost revenue.

It's that simple. But, do you know the extent of your loss when your business suffers downtime? Calculate now with just a few easy steps.

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What’s the Difference Between Good and Great Disaster Recovery?

An effective disaster recovery (DR) plan that drives business continuity requires a more holistic and resilient approach. Find out the various elements that go into such a plan.

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What to Look Out for in a Disaster Recovery Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider that can optimise your recovery strategy and ensure that it's always ready to go, is crucial for your continued business operation. Here’s a handy checklist of attributes that you should look for when selecting a disaster recovery (DR) service provider.

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Don’t wait for disaster to strike, get your recovery plan ready now

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