Managed Backup

Managed Backup

Your data is your most valuable asset. Losing it can be a devastating blow to your business operations, which is why backing it up safely is so important.

Even if disaster strikes, your data will remain secure and accessible with our Managed Backup service. The time spent and cost of ownership is reduced so you can concentrate on your business.

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What We Offer

Optimal Backup Configuration

Your hardware, storage and file recovery options can be optimised to minimise disruptions to the day-to-day running of your systems.

Ongoing Support & Checking

Professional handling of all your high-priority recovery requests along with proactive monitoring by our IT experts and 24/7 automated systems.

Hardware Scalability

Monitoring services that alert you to any storage or network issues in your routine backup operations, as well as advisory services that give you network expansion options as your business grows.

On-premise, Hybrid or Cloud

A choice of local backup devices and backup services hosted in AIMS Cloud, ranging from fast file recovery to a remote disaster recovery in new premises.

High Speed Backup Bandwidth

100Mbps of dedicated high speed Internet for data backup to our centralised backup vault.

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