“Infinite Connectivity. Infinitely Simpler”

Whatever the size or complexity of your network, delegate your day-to-day operations, administration and maintenance to a proven player.

AIMS Managed Connectivity proactively manages your network environment, including network administration, monitoring, reporting and support of your mission-critical resources at all times.

Our service is designed to help you accelerate the adoption and rollout of new connected products such as fleet management, asset tracking and more, all the while ensuring that your systems run smoothly and hitch-free, 24/7.

We operate on the premise that optimising connectivity across multiple devices at any time and from anywhere enhances productivity and speeds up decision-making, cutting down on time, effort and cost.

Our platform also provides real-time diagnosis of all your machine connections, detecting issues before they impact your business.

Best of all, our customers enjoy rates and a variety of options that are extremely attractive. We benefit from the economy of scale that comes from hosting all domestic carriers and several key international carriers at our data centres.

With our fast, reliable and secure connectivity, we can readily scale up to cater to your needs as your business grows.


Our Managed Connectivity services include: