“Outsource Systems Monitoring to Free Up Valuable Resources”

If monitoring your IT assets round-the-clock is sapping your resources, AIMS Managed Monitoring services may just be what the doctor ordered.

AIMS Managed Monitoring services are developed to monitor the health of your server, storage and network infrastructure on a 24×7 basis.

With a dedicated team of always-available experts to make sure your IT assets operate optimally, any potential interruptions are forestalled, ensuring your systems are always performing optimally.

Our focus on excellence means we continually improve and refresh our solutions and services to stay ahead of the curve, giving you the best platform to compete on.

With monitoring services that have been specifically developed for managed servers, we have the flexibility and ability to continuously address and improve to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest products and platforms.

In short, our capabilities will always evolve and stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you get all the resources, processes and services essential to succeed.

With AIMS Managed Monitoring providing real-time data and analyses on your entire IT environment, you gain the insight needed to make informed decisions, be it for service improvement or investment.


Our Managed Monitoring services include:-

Content checking to ensure your web content stays on all the time.

SNMP – ICMP – HTTP – FTP – SMTP – SSH – management and monitoring of all key protocols to ensure 100% functioning.

Vital Services for business productivity are monitored to ensure efficient running of your networks.

CPU Utilisation is optimised to handle heavy tasks without disruption.

Memory Utilisation is monitored to ensure you have enough bytes for use by processes.

Running Processes or Applications are monitored to ensure their continuous operation.

Disk Storage Capacity, where we monitor your storage thoroughly to ensure sufficient capacity.

24×7 Escalation of Severity 1 Alerts – to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Reporting – providing monthly reporting for customer for capacity and performance management