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AIMS Enlarges Its Data Center’s Capacity in Malaysia by 92%

Newest Data Center in Cyberjaya Upholds AIMS’ ˜Carrier-Neutrality’ Market Proposition

KUALA LUMPUR, October 22, 2012 – AIMS Group (˜AIMS’) the country’s premier carrier-neutral data center, today announced its latest highly secured, 34,500 sq. ft. state-of-the- art ˜CJ1′ data center located in Cyberjaya.

AIMS Group, positions its newest facility as the company’s proactive response to the positive demand for the business’ IT infrastructure and application hosting services to meet and enhance their customer’s demand.

With CJ1, AIMS now operates from four separate sites within peninsular Malaysia, with added capabilities for site recovery. Its Cyberjaya data center is now fully operational and will be supporting AIMS customers starting October this year.

AIMS Group CEO, Chiew Kok Hin says, “CJ1 is a strategic move to accommodate our increasing number of regional and global customer base and to make sure that we don’t compromise on latest technologies and facilities.”

“Here at CJ1 we provide a combination of an extremely secure, top-class redundancy and supreme connectivity ecosystem for our customers to host their business applications and critical systems.”

“The expansion to Cyberjaya is a natural tactical move as it is a premier IT hub market in Malaysia and also a priority location for many multinational companies.”


Chiew says that CJ1 can be seen as a response to the government’s ambitious EPP3 program as a subsidiary of NKEA.

“EPP3 is truly a foresighted blueprint that aims to enhance the global visibility to provide capabilities in Malaysian projects that will catalyze the local ICT market. AIMS want to continue playing a major part by being a key data center operator that ensures that its direction and business operations are aligned with the government’s nation building plans via the EPP3 program for the ICT sector.”

“CJ1 is a key part of AIMS Group’s growth and will quickly contribute significantly to our climb up to be the leading carrier-neutral data centre operators and managed services provider in Asia.”

AIMS’ green-centric CJ1 is a Tier -3 + Fit-for-Purpose data centre. CJ1 is designed from the ground-up with the latest advancements in energy efficient data center management, business continuity, resiliency, security, disaster recovery services that provide 24X7 facilities management team at site to help organizations efficiently manage growth while reducing costs and securely mitigating risk. The data center is also layered with reliable and resilient fibre ring that interconnects CJ1 to AIMS in Menara Aik Hua.

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